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Another way of looking at what Dominic Grieve meant

Posted in Today's News by edithrayment on November 24, 2013
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The media is full of the Attorney General’s comments about “corruption”, and most of it seems to be critical of him.

Dominic Grieve

“Dominic Grieve criticised for claims corruption endemic in some ethnic minority communities”

It seems to me that he was really commenting on the fact that, in many other, perhaps “third world” countries, the culture on such matters is completely different.

How many times have we read that British business people had to take pockets full of cash when trying to do business in these countries in order to secure permission for their developments.   It was, and often is, the norm.  

I can well recall a number of instances here in England, when conducting a Member of Parliament’s constituency surgery.   A constituent would come along to consult the MP.   He would be of, for example, Asian origin although now resident in England.   He would be a businessman, well respected in the community, and well off financially.   He would come because he wanted to bring his mother from his former Asian country to England for a long stay, possibly even to remain indefinitely.   He would already have made the necessary approaches to the Immigration Service, unsuccessfully.   Now he had come to ask his MP to get his mother here.

And he simply would not be able to contemplate, to take in, that an MP could not order officials to make it happen.   Because in his country that was the way things were done.   If you could get the MP on your side, he would have the power to do what you wanted.

So, in that way what Dominic Grieve said was right.


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